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Parts of a Grandfather Clock

Have you seen a grandfather clock? This is one of the vintage clocks that you may have encountered at least once in your life. It is the vertical standing clock that may or may not be taller than you depending on its size and type. You will find grandfather clocks that may cost more than 2000 dollars and others which may be more than 100,000 dollars. It really depends on the age of the clock and the history of the item. If you can get one for a few dollars less with a voucher code when you shop online, that is one good deal. Grandfather clocks are typically the same in terms of its essential parts. What are these parts?


Diagram of a pendulum.This is one of the most obvious parts of the grandfather clock. It is the weight that swings from left to right and vice versa. The movement is basically a way for the clock to count time. It does oscillate throughout the day. With regard to movement, you have daily movement and 8-day movement. For daily movement clocks, you have to wind it every day. For the 8-day movement, you only have to wind the clock once every week.

Gear Train

If you look at the back of the train, you will find a lot of circular parts with teeth around the edges. This is the gear train of the clock. Its main function is to control the speed translated from the power source to the pendulum. It is essential because it basically tells the clock how to advance from one second to the next. The gear train also affects the movement of the hour hand and the second hand of the vintage grandfather clock.

Photo of a gear train.


This is one of the most exciting and amazing parts of the grandfather clock. We are regularly aware of the grandfather clock because of the sound it makes every single day. The chimes of the grandfather clock differ from one unit to the next. But the sound of the clock rings because it indicates a new hour of the day. The chime of a grandfather clock is not standalone. This means that it needs to be connected to a series of hammers, wheels, and levers for it to function as designed.

Liza Visser

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